It is our vision at St. Jacobs to empower breeders working to build superior cows. We have always taken great pride in providing top genetics from standout cow families; this principal has been the backbone of our genetic program for generations. The basic St. Jacobs mission has not changed, but we are working to add additional qualities to the genetics acquired for our programs. In addition to a full pedigree, St. Jacobs wants to offer bulls that have no serious faults on health and production; making cows that are profitable and functional. We feel this will give breeders the opportunity to breed cows that fit their operation; cows that are fertile, healthy, and will develop into long living, high performance members of your herd.

Maverick Crush Trio
l-r: Sco-Lo Crush Em Jag-ET, Donnie Nieman & Chelsey DeVries, Calori-D Crush Sarah, Hudson Azevedo, Poly-Kow California Crush, Addison Steinlage

Our Team


Brian Behnke

Business Manager

  • 2018

    #1 PTAT proven bull

    Owners of the #1 PTAT proven bull - 94HO17739 BLAKE (April 2018 proof)

  • 2016

     ABS Global acquires St. Jacobs ABC from Tim and Sharyn Abbott.

  • 2015

    1,000 Member Herds

    St. Jacobs ABC surpasses 1,000 program member herds.

  • 2013

    The Breeder's Choice Program is developed

  • 2011

    Transition of Ownership

    St. Jacobs ABC's 44 members vote to sell the business to Tim and Sharyn Abbott.

  • 2005

    Tim Abbott

    Tim Abbott is hired as General Manager of the St. Jacobs ABC business while working for ABS Global.

  • 2004

    Global Red & White Sire

    St. Jacobs takes over the management of the ABS Global Red and White Sire Program.

  • 2001

    The Judge’s Choice Program is established.

  • 2000

    Exclusive Distributor

    St. Jacobs ABC enters into an agreement with ABS Global. This allows ABS Global to process semen produced by St. Jacobs ABC bulls and become the exclusive distributor of St. Jacobs ABC product.

  • 1990

    ABS Canada

    St. Jacobs ABC begins to market their semen in a partnership with ABS Canada.

  • 1986

    Elmira ABC

    St. Jacobs ABC begins to market their own semen in a partnership with Elmira ABC.

  • 1972

    Elmira, Ontario

    St Jacobs ABC builds a bull housing facility and offices in Elmira, Ontario.

  • 1968

    Animal Breeding Corporation

    The business becomes St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corporation (ABC), a member-owned cooperative founded by a group of dairy cattle breeders in southwest Ontario.

  • 1958

    Earl Fieck of Waterloo County Ontario starts a cattle breeding technician service in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada.