Program Details

  • Member herds will be charged a discounted price per unit in their allocation and will also have the opportunity to order more semen from the bull at the discounted price during the year following his initial release date.

  • You can sign up for any ONE program, or you can choose to be a member of ALL programs.

  • Receive a flyer and data sheet on each bull as they are released through the year.

  • When we’re looking for photo candidates, tour prospects, and daughters for classifications, member herds are where we look first.

Do I have to take an allocation for each bull released in the program?

  • Yes. We require members to take a minimum of 10 units on all bulls released in the program in which they are enrolled. This in turn allows access to other benefits of program membership.

How long do I have to be on the program?

  • We require that you make a yearlong commitment so you will get the most benefit from your membership!

If I’m on one program can I get discounted semen from bulls released in other programs?

  • No. You can only get special prices on the bulls released in the program or programs of which you are a member. But you can be a member of as many programs as you choose!

Are there bigger discounts for large volume customers?

  • Yes! Contact St. Jacobs to discuss 50 and 100 unit volume discounts for interested customers.
If you are enrolling in multiple programs but prefer different unit allocations, please note in the box below.