Walnutlawn SANDSTORM

The storm is here and brings extreme high type to your heard!  SANDSTORM is an early Jacoby son that combines high type with level hooks and pins.  He is a maternal brother to Solomon, and is backed by 11 VG & EX dams from the well-known Glen Drummond Shower Family.

  • Sire

    Cycle Doorman Jacoby-ET

  • Dam

    Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue, VG-89
    Former #1 Conformation Cow

  • 2nd Dam

    Misty Springs FBI Suzanne, VG-87

  • 3rd Dam

    Willsona Freelance Sizzle, VG-86

  • 4th Dam

    Gen-I-Beq Convincer Silver, VG-88

  • 5th Dam

    Glen Drummond Splendor, VG-86

  • 6th Dam

    Glen Drummond Aero Flower, VG-88

  • 7th Dam

    Glen Drummond Shower-ET, EX

  • 8th Dam

    Glen Drummond S C Jo Beth, EX

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