Farnear Aria ADDISON*RC

ADDISON*RC is our latest release from the Apple-Red family...  As his heritage suggests,  this bull can make winners in black or red. And as you might expect, he carries huge type numbers, but also backs it up with big components! 

  • Sire

    Maverick Crush-ET

  • Dam

    Farnear TBR Aria Adler-ET*RC, EX-96

  • 2nd Dam

    Ms Apples Aria-ET*RC, EX-92 2E

  • 3rd Dam

    KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET, EX-96 3E
    Unanimous All-American Jr 2YO 2006
    Grand Champion International R&W Show 2011

  • 4th Dam

    Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET, EX-95 2E

  • 5th Dam

    Clover-Mist Augy Star-ET, EX-94 4E

  • 6th Dam

    Clover-Mist Augy Star-ET, EX-94 4E

  • 7th Dam

    D-R-A August, EX-96 4E
    Nominated All-American Aged Cow 1986

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