Welcome to the Winner's Circle

Here at St. Jacobs ABC, we believe that breeding is an art. Today, we are constantly bombarded with new information, leading many breeders to ask simply, "How do I breed cows I want to see in my barn everyday—cows that make me more money through production and genetic value?" We think it is more important than ever to focus on traits with heritability and a product with reliability. Our bulls have proven that they provide outstanding type and customer satisfaction by making cattle that breeders love to have in their barn. We say keep it simple—like begets like—breed cows you are proud to own. 

Our History

  • 1958 - Earl Fieck of Waterloo County Ontario starts a cattle breeding technician service in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada.

  • 1968 - The business becomes St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corporation (ABC), a member-owned cooperative founded by a group of dairy cattle breeders in southwest Ontario.

  • 1972 - St Jacobs ABC builds a bull housing facility and offices in Elmira, Ontario.

  • 1986 - St. Jacobs ABC begins to market their own semen in a partnership with Elmira ABC.

  • 1990 - St. Jacobs ABC begins to market their semen in a partnership with ABS Canada.

  • 2000 - St. Jacobs ABC enters into an agreement with ABS Global. This allows ABS Global to process semen produced by St. Jacobs ABC bulls, manage the business and become the exclusive distributor of St. Jacobs ABC product.

  • 2001 - The Judge’s Choice Program is started.

  • 2004 - St. Jacobs takes over the management of the ABS Global Red and White Sire Program.

  • 2005 - Tim Abbott is hired as General Manager of the St. Jacobs ABC business while working for ABS Global.

  • 2011 - St. Jacobs ABC's 44 members vote to sell the business to Tim and Sharyn Abbott.

  • 2013 - The Breeder's Choice Program is developed.

  • 2015 - St. Jacobs ABC surpasses 1,000 program member herds.

  • 2016 - ABS Global acquires St. Jacobs ABC from Tim and Sharyn Abbott.

  • 2018 - Owners of the #1 PTAT proven bull - 94HO17739 BLAKE (April 2018 proof)

Our Team

Brian Behnke

Business Manager

Bob Fitzsimmons

Sales Manager

Claire Stanley

Marketing Manager

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, U.S.A, ABS Global/St. Jacobs ABC is the world-leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, artificial insemination technologies, and udder care products. Marketing in more than 70 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS is a division of Genus plc. ©2016 ABS Global, Inc.