SUMMERFEST is our inaugural St. Jacobs Choice release and he fits the bill perfectly as an even balance between Judge's and Breeder's Choice. He is positive production and components as well as impressive SCS and haplotype free.

  • Sire

    Woodcrest King Doc

  • Dam

    Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer-ET, EX-95 
    Nominated All-American & All-Canadian 2016

  • 2nd Dam

    Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue, VG-89 12*

  • 3rd Dam

    Misty Springs FBI Suzanne, VG-87 4*

  • 4th Dam

    Willsona Freelance Sizzle, VG-86 10*

  • 5th Dam

    Gen-I-Beq Convincer Silver, VG-88 16*

  • 6th Dam

    Glen Drummond Splendor, VG-86 39*

  • 7th Dam

    Glen Drummond Aero Flower, VG-88 18*

  • 8th Dam

    Glen Drummond Shower-ET, EX 14*

  • 9th Dam

    Glen Drummond S C Jo Beth, EX-2E 7*

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