Mattenhof Sid SIRWOOD

SIRWOOD is the Sid son from one of the most talked about cows in Europe: Galys-Vray, EX-94.  He is backed by a tremendous cow family; SIRWOOD is from the same family line as Besne Buck and has multiple family members along the maternal line that have seen show ring successes. 

  • Sire

    Pine-Tree Sid-ET

  • Dam

    Galys-Vray (Atwood), EX-94
    Grand & Supreme Champion Swiss Expo 2016
    Grand Champion Expo Bulle 2015
    Reserve Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2015

  • 2nd Dam

    Corse-Vray, EX-92

  • 3rd Dam

    Naples-Vray, EX-90
    Grand Champion Loire Atlantique 2000

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