Lost-Brook Hg LONESTAR

LONESTAR is a type and mammary specialty sire offering many perks to breeders with a unique pedigree that allows for various crosses. 

  • Sire

    SV Jade Hired Gun-ET

  • Dam

    River Valley Citation Lovely-ET, 90% 

  • 2nd Dam

    Goldust Karbala Laina-ET, 92%

  • 3rd Dam

    Goldust Legion Leanna, 94%

  • 4th Dam

    Goldust Cosmo Leanna-ET, 90%

  • 5th Dam

    Goldust Barber Lea, 89%

  • 6th Dam

    Goldust Sooner Lea {6}, 93%

  • 7th Dam

    Goldust Magic Lea {5}, 90%

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