LIGHTENING-RED was an early Armani*RC son from one Destry*RC's greatest daughters, Lani EX-94 2E.  His pedigree combines three incredible cow families; the Lead Maes, Roxys and Apples. A nice variety of sires in one Red and White package! 

  • Sire

    Mr Apples Armani-ET*RC

  • Dam

    Morningview Destry Lani-ET*RC, EX-94 2E
    Reserve Grand Champion BC Fall Harvest 2014

  • 2nd Dam

    Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET, EX-90 2E

  • 3rd Dam

    Morningview Oman Libby-ET, VG-86

  • 4th Dam

    Crockett-Acres Dhrm Mae-ET, VG-87
    Nominated International Cow of the Year 2009

  • 5th Dam

    Wauregan Maebell-ET, EX-91 2E

  • 6th Dam

    Whittier-Farms Lead Mae-ET, EX-95 3E

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