Mr Hotstuffs HYPNOTIC*RC

HYPNOTIC*RC is the result of a special mating to create a bull made just for Goldwyn breeding.  A Windbrook from a 9th generation EX Red & White power house, we don't think a better outcross bull exists! 

  • Sire

    Gillette Windbrook-ETS

  • Dam

    Starmark Ad Hotstuff-Red-ET, EX-94 2E
    Unanimous All-American R&W 5YO 2012
    Reserve Grand Champion WDE R&W Show 2012
    Grand Champion NY Spring International Show 2013

  • 2nd Dam

    Scientific SS Hottie-Red-ET, EX-93 2E
    Nominated All-American R&W Junior 3YO 2008

  • 3rd Dam

    Scientific Raes Hope-Red-ET, EX-92

  • 4th Dam

    Scientific Jubilant Rae-ET*RC, EX-90

  • 5th Dam

    C Hanoverhill Tony Rae, EX-96 3E 5*
    Nominated All-American 5YO 1991

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