Kings-Ransom S DREAMBIG

DREAMBIG adds production, components, fertility, A2/A2, and BB to go along with strength in his linear breakdown. Expect him to make strong calves with correct conformation that turn into beautiful cows making high component milk and that breed back to do it again and again, lactation after lactation.

  • Sire

    Parkhurst Samaritan-ET

  • Dam

    Kings-Ransom Gran Dandy-ET, EX-92

  • 2nd Dam

    Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny, EX-92

  • 3rd Dam

    Kings-Ransom Dem Debonair-ET, EX-94

  • 4th Dam

    Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra-ET, EX-94 2E

  • 5th Dam

    Kings-Ransom Baxter Dolly, VG-87

  • 6th Dam

    Pen-Col Mtoto Dima-ET, VG-88

  • 7th - 14th Dams

    Pen-Col Commotion Deena, EX-91 2E

    Pen-Col Mascot Deanna-ET, EX-91

    Pen-Col-A Cleitus Dawn-ET, VG-87

    Pen-Col Dell Dream, VG-85

    Pen-Col Conductor Devine, VG-87

    Pen-Col Wayne Deena, VG-88

    Pen-Col Elevation Destiny, VG-87

    Inka Whirlhill Pabst Dalla, EX-90

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