Kings-Ransom DOZER

From the same family as DREAMBIG! 

  • Sire

    AOT Highjump-ET

  • Dam

    Kings-Ransom Legac Dozer-ET, GP-83

  • 2nd Dam

    Kings-Ransom Imax Dazera-ET, VG-85

  • 3rd Dam

    Kings-Ransom SShot Davera-ET, EX-91

  • 4th Dam

    Kings-Ransom Oak Diana-ET

  • 5th Dam

    Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra-ET, EX-94 2E

  • 6th Dam

    Kings-Ransom Baxter Dolly, VG-87

  • 7th Dam

    Pen-Col Mtoto Dima-ET, VG-88

  • 8th - 15th Dams

    Pen-Col Commotion Deena, EX-91 2E

    Pen-Col Mascot Deanna-ET, EX-91

    Pen-Col-A Cleitus Dawn-ET, VG-87

    Pen-Col Dell Dream, VG-85

    Pen-Col Conductor Devine, VG-87

    Pen-Col Wayne Deena, VG-88

    Pen-Col Elevation Destiny, VG-87

    Inka Whirlhill Pabst Dalla, EX-90

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