Arrowstar BRAZZLE

An original Judge's Choice program release in 2013, BRAZZLE is a Windbrook from the famous Barbie Family of Regancrest. His dam is the EX 96, 4X All-American, Gold Barbara and the second dam is an EX-92 Shottle, followed by Barbie, making him backed by six EX dams in a row.
BRAZZLE is a calving ease bull that excels at making silky hided cows with quality udders and exceptional feet and legs. They have an open dairy rib and are clean, flat-boned cows that should mature beautifully. 

  • Sire

    Gillette Windbrook-ETS

  • Dam

    Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET, EX-96 3E
    Grand Champion International Holstein Show 2019
    Unanimous All-American Lifetime Production Cow 2019
    Unanimous All-American Senior 3YO 2013
    Unanimous All-American Senior 2YO 2012

    Grand Champion NY Spring Show 2017


  • 2nd Dam

    Regancrest Brasilia-ET, EX-92

  • 3rd Dam

    Regancrest PR Barbie-ET, EX-92
    HM All-American Junior 3YO 2004

  • 4th Dam

    Regancrest Juror Brina, EX-92

  • 5th Dam

    Regancrest Aerostar Bert, EX-90

  • 6th Dam

    Regancrest Mark Chairman Bea, EX-91

  • 7th Dam

    Regancrest Board Chairman Bea, EX-90

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