Penn-England BARBER

BARBER is the best of production and fertility, plus right hand linear profile!  

  • Sire

    Badger SSI Lucia Faneca-ET

  • Dam

    Penn-England Barb 16118-ET

  • 2nd Dam

    Penn-England Barb13903-ET, GP-81

  • 3rd Dam

    England-Ammon Brba 11477-ET, VG-87

  • 4th Dam

    Richmond-Fd S Barbara-ET, EX-90

  • 5th Dam

    Richmond-Fd Barbie, EX-92

  • 6th Dam

    Richmond-Fd M-Str Gabrielle, EX-91

  • 7th Dam

    Richmond-Fd Medowstar Mars, VG-88

  • 8th Dam

    Richmond-Fd Edem Str Meadow, GP-83

  • 9th Dam

    Charich Beth Star Eden, VG-87

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