Brabantdale ANGLER

ANGLER covers all the angles. He has a solid no-holes type profile with strength, dairyness, and OVER a TON of milk. A maternal brother to ATMOSPHERE, he traces back to Goldwyn ATM; the cash machine! 

  • Sire

    S-S-I Montross Duke-ET

  • Dam

    Blondin McCutchen Angelica, VG-85 2*

  • 2nd Dam

    RWM Snow Angel-ET, VG-87 2*

  • 3rd Dam

    RC-LC Goldwyn ATM, EX-92

  • 4th Dam

    Catoctin O Man Lia 1122-ET, VG-86

  • 5th Dam

    Catoctin Convnc Luster 576, VG-86

  • 6th Dam

    Catoctin Duster 442, VG-85

  • 7th Dam

    Catoctin Mgr Luckster-ET, GP-82

  • 8th Dam

    Unicorn Lucky Lynn-ET, VG-85

  • 9th Dam

    Unicorn Chairman Lynn-ET, EX-90

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