aardema      Impact

Imax x Silver x Galaxy x Numero Uno


Silverridge V Imax


Maverick SL Gal 23335-ET, VG-87

2nd dam

Ms Mavrck Cling Gal 57555-ET, VG-85

3rd dam

EDG Claire Cling-ET, VG-85 2YO

4th dam

Pine-Shelter Claire Wood-ET, VG-87

5th dam

Pine-Shelter Chelsy Sho-ET, VG-86

6th dam

Pine-Shelter Cheyenne, EX-95 3E

All-American Senior 3YO 2003

Reserve All-American 4YO 2004

Reserve All-American 125,000lb Cow 2006

Grand & Int Championg International Holstein Show 2003

Reserve Supreme Champion WDE 2003

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